The Program

The program spans two months and brings together the best internship opportunities in Israel, with jInternship, and the most incredible exploration of Jewish Heritage in the world famous Aish HaTorah World Center. The day is split between Jewish classes in the morning and internship palcements in the afternoon. Most evenings are free to get out and enjoy Jerusalem. Aish jInternship participants periodically enjoy invigorating organized day trips, and get to soak in the Mediterranean sun in their free time, but the twin focuses of career development and Jewish learning remain the center of the program.


jInternship places Jewish university students and recent graduates in high-caliber internships at top Israeli and American companies and organizations in dozens of different fields. With over 1,000 incredible companies and some of the best teachers on the planet, it’s no wonder that more students turn to jInternship. Professional international experience in Israel with one of our host companies will separate your resume from the pack!

The result: you’ll be sure to land a quality international internship in your field and gain that competitive edge on your career path.

Aish HaTorah

Aish HaTorah in the Old City in Jerusalem was founded upon the principles that Judaism is relevant to everyone, no matter what their background, and has timeless wisdom for living a fulfilling, happy life.
Aish is somewhere all Jews can feel comfortable to interact with their Jewish roots and ask the questions they’ve always had. Our team of expert teachers have years of experience delivering fascinating classes, showing the beauty and relevance of Judaism and providing rational basis for Jewish belief.

With over 10,000 visitors to our building each month to hear classes and explore what Judaism has to offer, Aish HaTorah is a very exciting place to be.

This year’s men’s Summer program in Jerusalem will take place June 14 - Aug 8, 2023

The Aish HaTorah jInternship program is funded by the Olami organization as well as the Onward Israel organization. This funding covers room & board, programming and health insurance. Participants pay airfare and an internship registration fee of $399.

Lodging & Food

Lodging and three daily meals are at the beautiful Aish HaTorah air conditioned facility and dormitory in the old city of Jerusalem.