Each day at Aish jInternship balances your work days with learning, recreational activities, and free time to help ensure that your summer is meaningful, inspirational, and unforgettable.
  • Program begins: June 14
  • Internships begin: TBC
  • 4 Free Weekends:
    • June TBC
    • July TBC
    • July TBC
    • Aug TBC
  • Day Off: TBC
  • Trips:
    • Gush Etzion
    • Tel Aviv
    • Weekend trip to Ein Gedi and Dead Sea region
    • Overnight trip to Tiberias/Safed/Northern Israel
  • Program ends:  August 8
8:30:     Breakfast
Leave to work for the day


5:00:     Optional learning/ Free time
7:30:     Dinner
8:30:       Breakfast
9:15:       Optional discussion groups
10:00:     Optional learning
11:00:     Class
12:00:     1 on 1 study partners
1:00:        Lunch
3:00:        Outings and Informal Educational/Recreational Experiences
7:30:        Dinner
Friday and Shabbat will have their own schedule each week, with some of them free to use how you like (see Key Dates above).